The perfect dress

One of my good friends, YQ, is getting married on Wednesday. It feels kinda odd to see her getting hitched as I’ve known her since I was 13. I suppose that’s the feeling you get when your childhood friends start getting married. I remember receiving an SMS from her on 18 January asking me to make myself available on 17 October for her wedding. In the blink of an eye, her wedding is just three days away!

I could remember the date she sent me that SMS so well because I remember I was packing for my Krabi trip the following day. Oh boy, time really does fly.

Back to YQ’s wedding, I’m kinda excited by it but I have a problem finding a nice dress for the wedding dinner. Yes, I know, three days to go and I have no dress. Make that two days for me to find the right dress. I realised I haven’t worn a dress in at least a decade now. I have no dresses in my wardrobe and I don’t seem to fit well in a dress. I tried on most of the dresses I could find in the boutiques that I went to but none seemed to fit me. They were either too short for me or they somehow looked awkward on me.

I’m giving myself one last chance to look for the perfect dress tomorrow. If I still can’t find one, I’ll screw the idea and find something else to wear. Dresses are just not for me, period.

I hate shopping for the sake of finding a particular piece of outfit to wear for a particular event. Most of the time you wouldn’t be able to find the right one and you’ll have to settle for second best because you don’t have time to shop around anymore. Don’t you just hate that?

4 thoughts on “The perfect dress”

  1. Hee…so u not a loyal subject of dresses too…
    How about skirts? Think you will look lovely in them, with your height..”P
    Ask Shir, the shopping queen to help you? They really are into skirts and dresses…so they are the best advisors…

  2. haha, the shopping queen is here. Well well, its hard to do things last min, isn’t it? Esp. when it comes to looking for dreses for weddings. How about going Far East to take a look? Can find nice dresses. For boutiques u can try little match girl, Bysi, etc

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