Officially 29

A big thanks to my family and friends for all the birthday gifts and well wishes!

It’s always nice to receive birthday SMSes from friends whom I seldom catch up with. It feels good to know that there are people out there who actually remembers my birthday. I’m so touched!

December is almost upon us and I’ll be busy over the next two weeks or so with work events (retreats and more retreats) and Koreen’s wedding on the 6th. It’s two weeks to my Bangkok trip and I’m so looking forward to it! I know I’ve just gushed over it in my previous post but I can’t help it. I must do it again!

This time I’ll go there and pig out (even though I really shouldn’t be putting on more weight) and do some serious shopping. By serious I mean not grabbing everything blindly and getting T-shirts that don’t fit me. Hahaha! I’ll go there armed with a detailed shopping list and I’ll make sure I spend my money wisely this time. Look out for my trip (and shopping) report when I return.

And yes, I know I should update my age on my website profile but I’m simply too lazy to do it now. Another time, yeah?

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