Goodbye 2007

It’s hard to believe 2007 is coming to an end today. I was just reading what I had posted on my blog on New Year’s Eve 2006 and it certainly didn’t feel that long ago. Where did the past 364 days go?

On a different note altogether, I feel as if I’m suffering from some kind of writer’s block these days. I seem to be able to write more and better in the past! What’s happening to me? I miss writing. I know it sounds weird but I miss having things to write about. Let’s hope I’ll have more interesting things to share in the coming new year.

I made some new year resolutions for 2007 and as expected, I didn’t stick to all of them. I guess resolutions don’t quite work for me. I’m just not disciplined enough to see them through. Anyway, here are the so-called resolutions which I wrote last year for 2007:

  • Be punctual for my appointments.
    (I tried but there’s still plenty of room for improvement.)
  • Reply my letters and emails to Maya, Nelleke and Artur promptly.
    (I think I managed to fulfill this, apart from the fact that Artur seems to have disappeared from the face of Earth. Oh yes, I got your birthday card, Maya. Thanks so much!)
  • Meet up with May and Ling more often.
    (Yes! We managed to meet up more often this year. In fact, I’m meeting Ling again later!)
  • Lose 3kg, I’m getting F.A.T.
    (Unfortunately, I failed this miserably. Not only did I not lose 3kg, I think I’ve gained one or two more. Sobs.)

I’ve decided not to make any resolutions for 2008. There’s no point in doing so since I’m going to forget them anyway. This year has been rather eventful for me. I’ve been jobless for six whole months in 2007 and I think that will be something for me to remember for the rest of my life. I don’t think I’ll ever get another chance like that again and I’m not sure if I want to. I don’t like what I’m doing but it beats having no job at all. You wouldn’t hear me say that one year ago but that’s what six months of joblessness can do to a person.

2007 isn’t all that doom and gloom for me. I’ve had some happy moments to highlight as well. *lol*

  • My Krabi trips – both of them! (And I want to go again!)
  • I finally found a job in August, after having this horrible thought that no one would ever hire me again.
  • Adeline’s and YQ’s wedding in September and October respectively.
  • Linkin Park’s concert in November.
  • My recent trip to Melbourne.

I guess this year hasn’t been all that bad for me. I’m fortunate that I was still able to enjoy those trips despite being unemployed for so long. Thanks to my sis, for being so supportive all the time. You are the best!!! Speaking of Melbourne, I’ve yet to post up the photos. I apologise for that but I actually have a whopping 555 photos to upload. I didn’t know we took THAT many pictures so please be patient.

Another thing that I want to mention is that I might have to change my domain name again, much to my annoyance. I might’ve mentioned it before that my current webhosting company sucks. It’s pretty much a bogus company and I’m not going to renew my account with them when it expires next March. I can’t keep my domain name so I have no choice but to change it when I find a new webhost. Hopefully I wouldn’t need to go on hiatus.

That’s all from me for this last entry of 2007. Here’s wishing everyone a great year ahead and hope 2008 will bring you more things to smile about!

See you all next year.

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