Dirk Kuyt is good for Devilishly Red

As a Manchester United supporter, you must be wondering why I’m singing the praises of Dirk Kuyt, who plays for Manchester United’s arch rival, Liverpool. Truth be told, if you ask me to pick a Liverpool player whom I find least detestable, I’d pick Dirk Kuyt. Fellow Red Devils supporters, please please don’t shoot me but I think he’s really under-rated at Liverpool and he should get more recognition for his contributions than he does. See how he scored that hat-trick against Man Utd in March? Enough said.

Dirk Kuyt
Dirk Kuyt is good for Devilishly Red

So why do I say he’s good for my website? I noticed for the longest time that he brings traffic to Devilishly Red. Yes, that’s right. Strange but very true.

Keyword analysis of Devilishly Red
Dirk Kuyt takes the first two spots.

The above keyword analysis shows that 86% of visitors found my website when they typed the keywords – Dirk Kuyt and Kuyt. Wow, who knew? When I was searching for a picture of Dirk Kuyt for this entry, I found out to my surprise that the first image that pops up when you do a Google search for him is actually linked to my website. All because I posted an entry comparing him to Sloth here waaaaay back in 2007. How did that image end up being the first one to appear on Google? Not that I’m complaining, anyway.

Well, I guess that fully explains why whenever Dirk Kuyt makes the news, my traffic count will increase significantly. After writing this entry, I realise I may have unwittingly created another connection to Dirk Kuyt.

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