Champions again

Manchester United is the 2007/2008 Premier League Champions! Yaaaaaaay! I’m so thrilled to see them lift the cup again this year and even more thrilled to see Chelsea being held 1-1 by Bolton. Muahahahahaha!

Ryan Giggs rules, Man Utd rules!

Now here’s to the Champions League final on 21 May! Please, please beat the crap out of Chelsea and clinch the double! Hee.

3 thoughts on “Champions again”

  1. Liverpool, liverpool aaaaall the way!
    Ahem… totally irrelevant here… anyhow, go go Red Devils, TAKE THE BLUES DOWN!

  2. Not very anonymous yah? Hahaha! But thanks for sticking up for Man Utd despite being a Reds supporter. Ha!

    And meechiam, your hubby must be devastated! But I’d better not gloat too much coz the Champions League is still at stake. Hiak!

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