Puppy in a onesie

I’m back with something adorable to share. You may have already seen this picture/meme of a lovely Golden Retriever puppy in a onesie floating around the internet but I just want to put this up on my site. I can’t get enough of this super cute pup in that perfect onesie! Which genius came up with the idea of dressing the pup in a pyjamas? He/she definitely deserves an award for sharing this level of insane cuteness with the world!

A puppy in an onesie
“Hey look at me, I’m just chillin’ out in my onesie.”
Source: BuzzFeed

I wish I have a dog that cute.

Edit: I did a search and realised this ultra cute puppy is a blind goldie named Ray Charles. Here’s his Facebook page if anyone’s interested. Excuse me while I go stalk his FB page.

Of rainbows and Taro

Have you seen or heard about the beautiful rainbow that appeared over the Singapore skies last week?

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A tiny strip of rainbow visible from my corridor

This picture was snapped by Miz Niyo, who’s lucky enough to catch a glimpse of it before it disappeared. Unfortunately, I didn’t know of this rainbow until I reached home. By then, the sky had already turned dark. I was a little disappointed because I don’t think I’ve ever seen a real rainbow in my life.

Probably the only rainbow related thing that I’m familiar with is the Rainbow Bridge.

The Rainbow Bridge

Sadly, our dear Taro finally succumbed to old age and had gone to the Rainbow Bridge yesterday. I’ll always be reminded of this Rainbow Bridge prose and our dog, Xiaohei, whenever we lose a hammie. It sounds really silly but it’s comforting to have this thought in mind.

Our obedient little Taro will be missed. Sobs.