While shopping at Novena Square last Friday, I chanced upon a shop selling chargers with a USB port. I’ve been looking to get one for my Creative MuVo MP3 player for the longest time so I bought one immediately. I happily tried to charge my player with my new purchase on Sunday, thinking that I’ve finally found a solution to the problem of not being able to use my player overseas when it runs out of battery.

I plugged the cute pink charger into the power socket with my player attached, switched on the power and waited. Five seconds passed. Nothing happened. The light on the charger didn’t light up. I removed it from the socket and plugged it in again. Still nothing happened. Miz Niyo and I were staring at the charger, wondering whether it was faulty when it suddenly let out a pop sound and a flash of red sparks. Our suspicions were realised – the charger was probably not compatible and if it was working before, it certainly wasn’t after the episode.

The worst part is, the charger wasn’t the only thing that was damaged. My player died along with the charger.

To think I was so damn proud of my purchase. Not only did the charger fail to work, I’m also left MP3 player-less. Sheesh. I feel so stupid to ruin a perfectly functional player like that. AND I only had the player for less than I think, nine months? Now I have fork out money to buy another one. *sigh*

Recommendations, anyone?

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