Booboo of the year

I was just browsing through IMDb and happened to chance upon this list of so-called “50 Hottest Guys” created by this user named maisymoo94. I’m not sure whether to be more flabbergasted by the inclusion of Michael Cera in the list or by the existence of this actor named BooBoo Stewart at #46.

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“Hi, my name is BooBoo. That’s BooBoo with two capital Bs, thank you very much.”

BooBoo. Really? No kidding? I don’t know about you but I don’t think BooBoo is the most credible-sounding name around, even for an actor. Especially for an actor. What’s wrong with the name Nils? Or Allen? Surely they beat BooBoo hands down, no?

Oh and seriously, doesn’t IMDb have a more flattering picture of Karl Urban? What an injustice.

Anyway, perhaps I should make my own list too. But fear not, I’ll make sure there are no teenagers with funny names on my list. I’ll be damned if I actually do find any teenagers hot.

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