Aliens, vampires and zombies

Yes, I’m fully aware that Halloween’s over and this has nothing to do with Halloween. I found the following article at Human Resources Online, where they send HR bulletins to my office email on a regular basis.

Bizarre HR: Zombie-like employees a burden on HR

US – Employees who display zombie or vampire-like traits are HR practitioners’ worst nightmare.

According to, a recent survey by Halogen Software revealed that among HR professionals, 44.2% zombie-type employees were most terrifying. Another 44.2% found vampire-type employees most terrifying.

Only 11.6% cited aliens to be the worst type of employees out there.

Alien-type employees are described as employees who no one knows where they came from, while zombie-type employees refer to those whose minds and dedication left the organisation long ago.

On the other hand, vampire-type employees refer to employees who hide in the shadows and suck the organisation’s resources dry.

Respondents said dealing with such employees can be a heavy burden on HR. The survey found that handling problem employees is the issue that HR is most likely to cite (35%) as the one that strikes fear into them the most on a daily basis. Recruiting and pay-for-performance issues (12 percent) were in a tie for a distant second.

I’m definitely a zombie. No doubt about it.

According to the article, zombies are HR practitioners’ worst nightmare. What happens when the HR practitioner IS a zombie herself?

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