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Well, this is me…

You can call me Jacey but in real life I go by a different name. In case you’re wondering, nope, I don’t have a secret alter ego ร  la Superman/Clark Kent. I’m just more accustomed to being addressed by my Chinese name. There you go.

Maintaining Devilishly Red is a hobby of mine and I also happen to enjoy reading, watching random TV programmes and writing. Yes, writing. That probably explains why I enjoyed writing English essays so much during my secondary school days.

Many people often use the words “quiet” and “reserved” to describe me and I mostly agree with them. I take a considerable amount of time to warm up to people and more often than not, I prefer to observe and listen rather than talk. I have this innate fear of saying the wrong things and making a fool of myself in front of a group of people. However, if you ask my friends and family, they’ll probably paint you a different picture of me. I actually do talk. Sometimes too much.

Some of my obsessions

I’m a ginormous The Lord of the Rings fan. In my humble opinion, it’s the BEST movie ever made. I could watch all three instalments over and over again without getting bored. Ever. I also have a soft spot for superhero films and my favourite superhero has got to be Batman. Christian Bale Batman, not Michael Keaton Batman, mind you.

If you haven’t guessed by now, I’m a Manchester United supporter. My obsession with football began in 1994, when I watched my first World Cup – USA94. Since Ryan Giggs was the only EPL footballer I knew back then (thanks to my fortnightly dosage of Smash Hits), I decided to pledge my allegiance to the Red Devils. Even though I seldom follow the EPL now, Man United will always be my favorite football team.

Like many others, I enjoy listening to music. I listen mostly to English pop and you can get a rough idea of what I like by visiting my Last.fm site. If you ask me who my all-time favourite artiste is, I’d have to pick Take That. I grew up listening to their songs and they always bring back fond memories of my school days. Linkin Park comes a very close second.

My other online existence

  • Goodreads – I love to read. Find out what I’m currently reading.
  • Twitter – Yes, I tweet as well!
  • Pinterest – Random things that I like.

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