A job found me

Guess what, I’ve been neglecting my blog again. I’m now on the train, waiting for it to leave Marina Bay station and wishing my feet don’t hurt so much. My new pair of heels are seriously killing my feet! So much so that I had to take the train heading towards Marina Bay to get a damn seat! Urgh!
Anyway, I’ve found a job. It’s a 3-month contract HR job with the possibility of conversion to a permanant placement if I do well enough to impress them. I’m almost one week into the job and suffice to say the only thing I like about it so far is the location. Speaks volumes, doesn’t it?

Now I’m hoping the next three months will fly by quickly. I’m still very much undecided if I want to continue doing HR. In my current job, I realised to my chagrin that I’m already beginning to dread going to work and that I have absolutely no enthusiasm in learning the ropes. What’s going on?

All I can do now is to persevere for the next three months and hope the situation picks up! Go me!

One thought on “A job found me”

  1. Same as me…dun think Finance suits me…

    Maybe should take contract job in other areas? To find something that really fits u? But it’s hard to do so … finding one with decent pay

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