Who knew…

…that Zachary Quinto is so hot?

Handsome, ain't he?

Certainly not me. I used to scoff at those Heroes fans who go gaga over Sylar and I’ve always felt that Milo Ventimiglia is THE star of the show. Well well well, it looks like I’ll have to eat my own words now.

And also, I never thought I’d say this but yes, I WANNA WATCH STAR TREK!

To think I’ve always associated Star Trek with geeks and old geezers in stupid blue uniforms and pointy ears. I shall promise not to make fun of the Star Wars/Star Trek/Twilight/Harry Potter/Lord of the Rings/what-have-you fans from now on. Oh wait, I think I belong to one of the categories there.

On another note, I spruced up my site a little by adding more links and categorising all my posts. I think it needs a major overhaul but that would have to wait, as usual.

Before I go, here’s wishing all mothers a Happy Mothers’ Day!

2 thoughts on “Who knew…”

  1. Tat’s the villian-hero-villian! (the Heroes show is getting more like Lost – so confusing)

    I’m the Star Wars fan who dislike Star Trek shows…haa…

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