The Kop comes to singapore

And I’m going to watch the Reds in action come July.

I'm off to the Kop! (well, sort of)

Don’t be mistaken, I’m not about to turn into a Liverpool supporter. I’m just accompanying Ms Niyo to the pre-season match between Liverpool and the Singapore Lions in July. Having said that, I’m actually quite excited at the idea of catching star players like Steven Gerrard, Fernando Torres and of course Xabi Alonso (woohoo!) live in action. Which football fan would reject the chance to see these international stars play in the flesh?

It’s not like they pop by our sunny island every year.

Of course, I’d rather watch the Red Devils but they chose to play in Kuala Lumpur instead of Singapore for their upcoming Asian tour. Damn! So near yet so far.

Anyway, the fun thing about watching a football match at the stadium is that it provides the opportunity for fans to pledge allegiance to their team by turning up in their team’s colour or better still, the team jersey. Since both Liverpool and the Singapore team’s official colour is red, wearing red should be foolproof. That way I can jump and cheer for both sides when they score, though I strongly believe only one team will be doing most of the scoring (sorry, Lions).

My concern is, I only have two red tops to my name – one is my Man United jersey and the other is my Man United t-shirt. Should I take a risk and don my Man United top to the match?

I wonder if I’ll get pelted with half eaten curry puffs and keropoks by hostile Reds supporters if I do. What do you reckon?

6 thoughts on “The Kop comes to singapore”

  1. Go get yourself a non-Man U red top lah. It’ll be awkward for me not to save your life if fellow Red fans attack you hor.

  2. Troublesome to go get one specially for the match. Maybe I can get the tacky Singapore Lions one IF they still sell them.

    Or perhaps I can be a traitor for one night and wear your yellow Liverpool jersey. Haha!

  3. Y aint u goin to KL to watch Man U?
    Saw ads in papers – got package (tix + coach + hotel stay) going for below $200…

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