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A little bit of history

I started meddling with HTML back in 1998 when I was still studying in the polytechnic. I remember it was my sister who introduced me to the basics of HTML when she had to create a website for her class assignment. But me being me, I lost interest in web designing after the novelty wore off.

It was in 2004 when I began to dabble in web designing again as I wanted to set up a blog for my own personal reference. I started with Completely Clueless back in June 2004 and renamed the site to Split Personality in December 2005. After hosting my site with Geocities for over three years, I finally decided to get my own domain and kiss goodbye to annoying pop-up ads.

The story of

I bought the domain name back in April 2006 but the site was launched only in July 2007 due to a serious bout of procrastination on my part. I changed my domain name to in March 2008 after switching to a new webhosting company – Oryon Networks. My previous webhost has the habit of holding its customers’ domain name hostage so I decided they no longer deserve my hard-earned money.

I thought long and hard for a domain name as I wanted it to be representative of myself and distinctive at the same time. During one of my many brainstorming sessions, the words Devilishly Red popped up in my head and I decided that this would be it. Devilishly Red is a play on the words, Red Devils, which the football fans might recognise as the nickname for Manchester United FC. I’m a huge football fan and Manchester United happens to be my favourite football club. I also happen to think that devilishlyred has a nice ring to it so I settled for it.

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