Puppy in a onesie

I’m back with something adorable to share. You may have already seen this picture/meme of a lovely Golden Retriever puppy in a onesie floating around the internet but I just want to put this up on my site. I can’t get enough of this super cute pup in that perfect onesie! Which genius came up with the idea of dressing the pup in a pyjamas? He/she definitely deserves an award for sharing this level of insane cuteness with the world!

A puppy in an onesie
“Hey look at me, I’m just chillin’ out in my onesie.”
Source: BuzzFeed

I wish I have a dog that cute.

Edit: I did a search and realised this ultra cute puppy is a blind goldie named Ray Charles. Here’s his Facebook page if anyone’s interested. Excuse me while I go stalk his FB page.

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