The procrastinator is back

I guess I got bitten by the procrastination bug afterall. I’ve been back from Taiwan for over a month now but I haven’t even sorted out the photos taken during the trip, let alone write a trip report. Even my mum has started to ask why I’m taking so long to make a copy of the photos in a CD for her. What can I say? I’m a bonafide procrastinator.

I had a great time during the trip but I found out that travelling with my parents requires a high level of patience. There were times when I almost wanted to tear my hair out but I still enjoyed their company (well, mostly). I’m really glad we went on the trip together and I’ll definitely do it again.

I can’t quite believe 2012 is coming to an end in six weeks’ time. I’ve been working at the company for a year now but somehow I still feel I’m new there. Maybe because I keep to myself at work and I don’t really make an effort to mix around with my colleagues. I know this isn’t a good thing but I just can’t seem to fit into the culture. I can’t pinpoint the problem but maybe it’s just me trying to create an excuse to leave the job next year. Yes, I do need a change of environment and I really hope I’ll be able to find something better next year.

Oh yes, did I mention that my birthday was yesterday? I’m another year older! Now this is really depressing because another year has passed but I’m still stuck in a rut. No progress at all in all fronts of my life. Is it only me or does this happen to others as well? I hate to be saying this every year but here it goes again – Let’s hope 2013 will be a better year for me.

I need a change and I need to start taking some actions to make the change happen.

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