My trip to bangkok

I think all of you must’ve had enough of my incessant rants about my job. So instead of going on about it, I shall talk about my recent trip to Bangkok! In case you’re wondering, yes, I’m STILL suffering from the withdrawal symptoms of the trip.

Travelling is always fun no matter where you go but more often than not, I feel lousy rather than rejuvenated at the end of the trip. I guess the prospect of returning to work will never be something to look forward to.

Anyway, I had a good time in Bangkok. Initially I was worried that our trip would be disrupted after our Tiger Airways flight was delayed. Luckily they changed the aircraft and we arrived in Bangkok one hour later than our scheduled arrival time. Phew.

Day 1

Hip Hotel Room 1018

We were allocated a room on the highest floor. Cosy, ain’t it?

Corridor of the 10th floor

It seemed like we had the entire floor to ourselves. So quiet, even during the day.

Bathroom equipped with rain shower

The bathroom came with a rain shower and two frosted window panes strategically placed next to the bathtub. Oooh naughty.

You know what I think is funny? Because of those two window panes, we had to switch off the bathroom lights and shower in semi-darkness to avoid being seen from outside. Classic.

Busy Bangkok traffic

Infamous Bangkok traffic conditions along MBK.

Kobune Restaurant

We had our dinner at this Japanese restaurant at MBK called Kobune. Good ambience.

25 baht menu

Cheap cheap! Each side dish costs a mere 25 baht. Oooh how I love Thailand!

Day 1 purchases

My booty at the end of Day 1. Kinda went nuts at Watsons and Tops Supermarket.

View from hotel room

The view from our room. Such a beautiful day.

Day 2

Hotel restaurant

Love the hotel restaurant (sans man in red, of course). So colourful and refreshing.

Thai food

Late lunch at a small eatery called Zeed Zaed (I think) located on the top floor of Platinum Mall. Food is not fantastic though.

Mocha Frappe

Yums yums. Wish we have Black Canyon Coffee over here. Oh wait a second, we do have it in Singapore.

Day 2 purchases

My Day 2 booty. Visibly more subdued.

Oh yes, see those T-shirts? They were so cheap (like 150 baht each) that I practically bought them without thinking twice. The thing is, I discovered I can only fit comfortably into two of those T-shirts two weeks after I returned from Bangkok. Bummer.

I think I need to go on a diet.

Day 3

Chatuchak Market

Day 3 is Chatuchak Day. I had to brace myself for another sweat-until-no-need-to-pee experience. Gulp.

Candle holders.

Colourful and creative candle holders at one of the many claustrophobic stalls at Chatuchak.

These candle holders are so pretty and irresistible that I just had to get one. It’s now chucked away somewhere in the wardrobe. Ha! So typical of me.

Cute lil' mice

Dozens of mice at one of the pet stalls at Chatuchak. Love the brown ones.

Xiao Long Bao

Xiao Long Bao at a Chinese restaurant at MBK. In case you’re wondering, they weren’t very good.

Day 3 purchases

My purchases on our last day in Bangkok.

Packed to the brim

All packed and ready to go home. Bye Bangkok!

I had a great time shopping in Bangkok but it was really tiring at the same time. The weather didn’t help and it was horrible to get drenched in perspiration after three hours at Chatuchak. Yup, you heard me right – we only managed a measly three hours at Chatuchak this time round. Hahaha.

Oh well. I still miss Bangkok and I want to go for another holiday. Life would be perfect if I can go for a trip every now and then.

Then again, I think a new job would suffice. Hahaha.

5 thoughts on “My trip to bangkok”

  1. Shd go in Jan when the weather is very cooling. We spent more than 3 hours there and no perspiration ๐Ÿ™‚ How I wish I can go there AGAIN!

  2. Oh shucks! This post is making me feeling like crap…I do wana go too!
    The hotel is so pretty! Which hotel is that?
    Hee…there is a Canyon outlet in my office bldg…but I’ve never tried it.

  3. We stayed at Hip Hotel. It’s quite nice, you can consider staying there if you intend to visit Bangkok.

    I’m still yearning for a holiday. *sighs*

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