May the force be with you

I sent in a job application to Lucasfilm a few months ago and I received this email notification yesterday in my spam folder.

We thank you for the chance to review your information along with that of many talented applicants. At present, we have determined that other candidates have backgrounds and skills that are more appropriate to the needs of this particular position.

We appreciate your considering us as a prospective employer. As your job search progresses, we encourage you to continue visiting our career center ( cfm). The Lucasfilm companies will continue to offer unique career opportunities to hone your professional skills and expand your creativity.

May the Force…well…you know,

The Lucasfilm Recruiting Team

I love how they end the email with “May the Force… well… you know”. It almost seems they’re embarrassed for over using this famous phrase. I guess that’s one of the perks of working in a creative environment – you get to be creative and original, unlike the organisations which I’ve worked in before, where all official correspondences need a certain air of formality.

Anyway, let’s hope the Force will be with me in my job search.

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