Linkin Park gig – Friggin awesome!

Four days have passed and I’m still having withdrawal symptoms from Linkin Park’s gig. It was a mind-blowing experience and I left the stadium with my ears ringing and my voice hoarse from all the screaming. I’ve said it before when they performed at the Padang in 2004 and I’ll say it again – Linkin Park’s friggin AWESOME!!! No doubt about it! The performance was simply electrifying and explosive and spectacular; what the heck, I could go on forever. LP’s just bloody GREAT!

The concert was delayed for an hour but LP is definitely worth waiting for. Yes, I have no complaints whatsoever even though I had to pee but didn’t dare to leave my seat for fear of missing the opening of the concert. Nothing is going to make me miss that!

Mosh pit A

The view of the stage and mosh pit A from my seat.

Mosh pit B

Mosh pit B – how can anyone in this mosh pit see anything beyond the barricade and sea of heads in pit A? Poor souls.

Linkin Park!

Awesome backdrop! I particularly like this one with the monogram. I have to say they had some pretty cool backdrops this time round.

Besides the photos, I also not-so-secretly took a few video clips of the concert. Strangely enough, the stadium ushers didn’t stop the fans from taking any photos or videos so I took the liberty to record a few clips for keepsake purposes. And of course, for posting on my blog. To be honest, I was so afraid of being hauled out of the arena while taking the clips. Just like what happened at the Good Charlotte gig. Hahahaha.

That was LP performing No More Sorrow, if you haven’t already guessed from the loud, angsty “No More Sorrow!!!” coming from my sis towards the end of the clip. Well, I’d like to think that was her. *guffaws*

That was the last bit of What I’ve Done and almost full song of Faint. I enjoyed myself at the gig but I wished they could perform more songs. Still, it was a great performance by LP. To those fans who missed the gig – where have you been?!!

Let’s just hope they won’t wait make us wait another three and a half years before popping by our sunny island again! I wanna watch LP again!!! Oh yes, I think it must’ve been the first time Shir has seen me get so excited. Hmm… I think excited is somewhat an understatement. *lol*

2 thoughts on “Linkin Park gig – Friggin awesome!”

  1. yeah man, knowing u for so many yrs, it was the 1st time seeing you scream like that. If not, i would never thought u will get this excited with something.

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