A short update

I know I’ve been away for a (long) while so I thought I’d pop by here to share some updates. I try hard not to talk about my work but somehow it’s pretty much the only thing I can talk about. Believe it or not, I’m actually tired of ranting about my job (or the lack of one in the past) but I guess my life is so uneventful that I simply don’t have other stuff to write about.

I’m still with the company that I mentioned in my last post back in February and let’s just say I don’t like it there. Before you start thinking hey, this person must be a problematic employee who seems to have issues with every company, I want to mention that I have another colleague who shares exactly the same sentiments as me. I’m positive that this time round, the problem doesn’t lie with me. My contract is ending in January next year but there’s an opportunity for an extension, albeit a short one. As much as I dislike the job and certain people there, I’ll probably accept it while I continue to look out for a new job.

I’m thinking I should return to my blog and come up with other more interesting things to write about. Make it a regular thing, you know? But judging from my lack of discipline, it might just fizzle out even before I begin. Well, maybe it’s time to start planning something.

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