Have yourself a merry little Christmas

I’d wanted to update earlier but as usual, I always managed to find some reason to put it off. It’s Christmas’ eve today but I’m not going anywhere tonight. I think I’ve done enough jostling with crowds in shopping malls and on the MRT over the past two weeks to last me a lifetime.

I met up with the girls for our annual Christmas celebration and gift exchange last Saturday and needless to say, it was a lot of fun. Here are the items that I received from the girls this year, including the lovely handmade cards, of course…

Christmas gifts

Thank you Koreen, for the adorable ladybird cushion. And to Shir, I hope you liked the scarf and the pair of gloves that I got you. Hope they’ll come in handy for your trip to Korea next week. Speaking of which, have fun in Korea and I hope it snows while you’re there! *lol*

Before I go, happy holidays to everyone and have a merry Christmas! Enjoy the festivities and hope you’ll receive lots of pressies!

2 thoughts on “Have yourself a merry little Christmas”

  1. Glad that you like the present hehe.. i personally like it very much and hope it will come in handy haha.. im also not going anywhere tonight, dun want to go n ren ji ren. Stay at home and rot hehe… Merry Xmas ho ho ho….

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