Goodbye 2010, hello 2011

There goes another year. How is it possible for 364 days to pass by so quickly? This time last year I was so hopeful that 2010 would be a fruitful year for me and that I’d be able to find a nice job. Turns out I did find a new job but I certainly wouldn’t use the word “nice” to describe it. Come to think of it, this year has been quite eventful for me.

After ranting about my last job for almost two years, I finally left the company in July. Without a job. Again. I struggled for a long time before I made the decision and six months later, I must say I didn’t regret my decision. There were simply too many issues and complications that made staying on in the company almost unthinkable. You have no idea how relieved I was to be finally leaving the company. Having said that, I miss my ex-colleagues. They’re the closest bunch of colleagues I’ve ever had in my ten years of working life. For those who know me well enough would know that it’s not easy for me to get chummy with people. So for me to say I miss my ex-colleagues, I really do mean it. I’m very thankful for the support and encouragement that my friends, family and ex-colleagues have given me when I was debating whether to stay or go. In times like these, it’s really heartening to know you have your friends’ understanding and approval.

After getting myself unemployed for five months, I found a new job in November. Unfortunately, it isn’t the right one for me. Even though I’m not happy in my current job, I count myself lucky that it’s only a 3-month stint. The one important thing that I’ve learnt from this episode is that first impression = not positive equates to DON’T take up the job! So if you think your interviewer cum potential supervisor is a total bitch/jerk, please don’t accept the job offer. I did despite my reservations and look what happened.

It looks like I haven’t been too lucky in my career this year. I certainly hope things will pick up in 2011 and I’ll finally be able to find something good (did I say the same thing last year?). Oh yes, I’m in the process of drawing up a list of 101 things I want to accomplish in 1001 days as my new year resolution. I didn’t know it’s such a challenge to come up with 101 items! Anyway, I’ll put up the list here once I manage to find 23 more things to do.

Before I go, let’s hope 2011 will be a better year for me. Oh, and for all of you too. Have a fantabulous new year!

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