Flying to Taiwan

I’ll be travelling to Taiwan again in about six days’ time. I promised myself to write an entry for my Taiwan trip in October last year but obviously I didn’t manage to do it. Sometimes I’m amazed by my own procrastination skills. One year on and I still couldn’t find time to get it done. Looks like I should do one for my upcoming trip instead.

This time round I’ll be travelling with my family. I’m really looking forward to this trip because 1) this will be my first overseas trip with my parents and 2) I get the chance to eat and shop in Taiwan again. I finally managed to persuade (harass would be more apt) my mum to go on an overseas trip and I’m rather excited about the whole idea of travelling with my parents. Yes, there’s a high possibility of being driven crazy by them but I’m just happy that we’re able to travel and do something together. I hope we’ll have a great time in Taiwan and we’ll have more opportunities to travel together in future.

I’ll write about this trip after I return. Let’s just hope the procrastination bug doesn’t get me first.

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