Exactly one year ago…

… I was at Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm in Mornington Peninsula picking big and juicy strawberries.

Digging deep for strawberries

… I had a good lunch in Portsea, Sorrento.

Portsea Hotel

… I also had a brilliant time baking basking under the sun at the beaches in Portsea.

Beautiful skies and sea

Has it really been one year since my trip to Melbourne? Where did the past 366 days go? For some inexplicable reason I feel a tinge of sadness when I looked through the photos we took in Melbourne last year. I miss those days. I’d think of the many beautiful places that I visited and wonder if I’ll ever get the chance to visit them again. That’s the problem with travelling. It makes you feel terrible about having to go back home to face reality (read: work).

Anyway, my Melbourne photos are finally ready for viewing! I know, it took me one whole year to do it but it’s better late than never, yeah? Oh yes, the pictures come with captions too so now you know what took me so long. Girls, go check your email if you haven’t done so.

Perhaps part of the reason why I’m so hung up on the Melbourne trip is because I’m officially 28 now. I spent my 27th birthday in Melbourne last year and now I’m one freakin’ year older.

AND It doesn’t help that someone just had to remind me to update my website info.

Missing in action

Just in case you’re wondering, I haven’t decided to stay in Melbourne for good (quite unfortunately, considering the high hunk quotient there). I’ve been back in good ol’ Singapore for over two weeks now but I was too busy with my Christmas shopping and Christmas card-making to update my blog. Before I realise it, half of December is gone! Unbelievable.

December has always been my favourite month and I’ve always enjoyed doing the Christmassy stuff like gift-wrapping and even Christmas shopping. This year, however, I don’t get the same feeling. Maybe because I didn’t have the luxury of time to do my shopping. I spent the weekend scouring the shopping malls for suitable gifts for my colleagues and then I had to wrap them up. It wasn’t fun AT ALL. I also managed to finish the three Christmas cards meant for the girls yesterday and I have to say I’m so glad to get it over and done with.

I guess Christmas shopping is fun only when you’re getting something for your family and friends. Having to get gifts for my colleagues just because they got me a small bottle of Body Shop shower gel that I have no intention of using (i.e. useless items) is definitely not my idea of fun. To think that I’ve received two such bottles to date. Oh well.

As for my Melbourne trip, I enjoyed it very much and I like a lot of things about Melbourne. There were, of course, some things that I didn’t like but it’s always good to take a break from my boring, routine life and do some touristy stuff. I’ll give a detailed trip update once I get my photos up. Believe it or not, my sis and I only managed to resize all 450+ of them last night. We haven’t even uploaded them on the photo sites yet. Can you feel my chagrin already?

Thank you so much!

I’m going to make this a short one as I’m going to bed soon. I’ll be leaving for Melbourne later in the day and I’ve just finished packing my stuff. Yes, another last minute job. I just hope I won’t miss out something important.

I met up with the girls for my birthday celebration last night and I’d like to thank them for all the well-wishes and of course the gift as well. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I hope you girls are satisfied with my birthday message. Hahaha.

Speaking of my previous entry, I can’t believe I didn’t mention Adeline. *slaps my forehead* I must be getting old! Then again, I will be older in two days time so please do pardon me. Thank you all for celebrating my birthday! Hope to catch up with you girls again soon. Let’s not wait till February (pssst, a certain Ms Teo’s birthday), okay?

And yes, I’m officially excited about my trip. I’ll be back in ten days’ time and I promise I’ll post up the photos as soon as possible.

Don’t miss me while I’m away!