A Chek Jawa and laundry day

I went to the Chek Jawa Wetlands at Pulau Ubin with Val, Shir, my sis and two of her colleagues earlier today. Despite having to wake up at 6.30am, I was rather excited about the trip. It’s been a while since I last went to Pulau Ubin. Was it seven or eight years ago? Oh wow, I think so. We didn’t stay very long on the island and surprise, surprise, we didn’t have to walk much. Okay, we “cheated” a bit since we took a van to and from Chek Jawa but hey, we had a pregnant lady with us so we couldn’t possibly let her walk all the way in, right? Haha.

Thank goodness for the van. I think I’d have died of mosquito bites if we had to walk. For some reason, the mozzies seemed to like me a lot. Grrrrr… The trip was fun but unfortunately we didn’t get to see much marine creatures due to the high tide. The only animals we saw were some miserable tiny mudskippers. Oh well, it beats nothing I guess.

I just finished doing the laundry and it was back-breakingly horrible, I tell you! Usually it’s done by my mum but she’s gone to Genting for a holiday so my sister and I had to take over. Now I understand how tedious it is to have to wash your clothes by hand every single day. The washing machine is invented for a friggin’ reason, you know! But hey, my mum’s coming back today. At last! Muahahaha!

Oh yes, the new season of the English Premier League starts today. Football’s back again!


I apologise for the lack of updates as I haven’t been feeling well for the past week. I caught a cold last Sunday and I’ve been feeling snotty since. *sniffles*

Anyway, I have a piece of good news to share! After 86 write-in job applications, countless job interviews and two rejected job offers, I’ve finally found a job! My six months of joblessness is finally coming to an end. It’s a HR position but hey, I’m not complaining! I mentioned about attending two interviews recently in one of my previous posts and I actually got offered both jobs! It’s strange how things work out. I’m just thankful that I didn’t accept the job which was offered to me in early July.

Maybe things do happen for a reason.

I’m starting work on 1 August and I hope things will work out for me. The thought of starting a new job is a little daunting for me because I feel so out of touch. What if I can’t handle my workload? What if I can’t get used to the company culture? What if my boss turns out to be a witch in disguise? Sheesh. Not to mention the much dreaded first day jitters. What if nobody asks me out for lunch? Haha. I worry too much – as usual.

In any case, I’m so happy that I’ve finally found a job! For the first time since early 2006, I can finally stop flipping Recruit. In fact, I hope I don’t have to do that again in the near future!