A blue Friday

I’m back from my Bangkok trip and I’m already missing the city. This must be the post holiday blues that everyone goes through when they return to earth. I exaggerate but you get my drift. I must say my solo trip went really well! In fact, I’m tempted to plan another trip to Bangkok (yes, again) but I’ll have to hang on to that idea until I’ve secured a job.

I’ll share more details of my trip in my next few posts as I need some time to sort out my photos. Also, I’m not really in the mood to do that now as I’m quite upset by the passing of Chester Bennington. Didn’t think I’d be this affected when the news first broke this morning. It wasn’t until I started listening to Linkin Park’s albums that I realised this is all real. Like what my friend, May has said, I still can’t quite believe this actually happened. So tragic and he’ll definitely be missed by his millions of fans around the world. I just feel extremely sad that we’ll never have the chance to see him perform ever again. I can’t believe this. I was banking on them coming to Singapore this year but looks like it’s not going to happen. Maybe this might never happen ever again. This sucks. I’m in utter disbelief.

Anyway, I also have something that I wanted to rant about regarding an exchange that I had with a former colleague just a few days ago. I’ve never done this before but this thing has been bugging me since and I simply couldn’t wrap my head around why she feels the way she does. I need to vent my feelings out on this one but I’m going to have to post it as a private entry. Gosh, I feel somewhat indignant just thinking about it. Watch this space if you’re interested to know the story and ask me for the password.

Reinvention in progress

It never fails to amaze me how fast time flies. I can’t believe it’s been more than a month since I left my job and that we’re almost into the second half of 2017. Sheesh, where did all the time go? I actually feel guilty that I haven’t been making full use of my newfound free time but I’ve come to realise that that’s just how I am. I’m not exactly the most disciplined and motivated person around but I’m working on a to-do list for myself. I’d wanted to pick up jogging again but the klutz in me managed to sprain an ankle a few weeks ago and that pretty much ruined my plan. I guess there’s nothing much I can do but to wait for my ankle to recover.

I’m also happy to have more time to read so that’s something that I’ll continue to do. I’ve been to the library almost once every week in the past month and I’m loving it! I’m geeky like this and speaking of reading, I’ve also been busy planning my solo trip to Bangkok! I finally nailed down the date and I’ll be traveling there for five days next week.

Bangkok travel guides by Chinese/Hong Kong authors. I find them more relevant for my trip than the Lonely Planet types.

One thing that I’ve learned from planning this trip is – decide on the travel dates fast and grab the air tickets at their promo fares when you see them! As I’m going on this trip alone, I had the freedom and flexibility of choosing the travel dates. My original plan was to go during the first week of June but I missed out on a Jetstar promotion as I was afraid there might be a cheaper alternative. Yup, I know I was being kiasu there. Anyway, that turned out to be a wrong decision because the promo fares were all sold out when I returned to get them a few minutes later. It was that hot-selling. Eventually I got tired of waiting out for cheap airline deals and decided to just go with Jetstar. So yes, if you’re planning to travel and you come across a good deal from any of the budget airlines, just grab them and go. 

As for my upcoming trip, I’m super excited about it as I haven’t been there since 2013 (that’s considered eons for a Singaporean). However, I can’t help but feel a little apprehensive at the same time. This is afterall going to be my first ever solo trip and I really don’t know what to expect. Will I be able to survive being on my own for five long days in a foreign country? Will I enjoy the trip? Can I cope without a travel companion? I’d like to think I can handle it perfectly but I still get a wee bit overwhelmed when I consider the fact that I’ll be completely ON MY OWN with nobody to help me if things screw up. Oh well, I guess I should stop being dramatic and just go with the flow. Time to prepare my long shopping list and I’ll be back to share my trip report hopefully soon!

A new beginning, a new adventure

Next Tuesday will be my last day of work and I can’t say I feel sad or sorry about it. There really isn’t a single thing that will make me miss this place. Zilch. Nada. In fact, I can’t wait to skip my way out of the office for the very last time on Tuesday. When I think back on my time at the company, I find it ironic how different things have turned out. I remember feeling extremely excited and optimistic when I first joined the company and I even hoped I’d do well enough to get offered a permanent role. Who would’ve thought things would go south so quickly?

I tried to stay positive and not let the hostilities get to me. I really did. I guess I can only say I wasn’t able to make myself adapt to the culture and style of the team. I’m glad though, to know that I’m not the only person who feels this way about the shitty culture and the less than desirable characters there.

Anyway, this unpleasant episode is going to be history very soon and I should look forward to a new beginning. I’ll get on with my job search and start writing more often. And yes, I’m also planning a short solo trip to Bangkok! This is going to be my first solo trip and to be honest, I’m not sure how I feel about it. On one hand I’m totally excited and confident about going on a trip on my own but the thought of having nobody to fall back on in a foreign city scares me a little. I know Bangkok is easy to navigate especially since I’ve been there numerous times before but being totally alone is a new experience for me. Being an introvert, I tend to leave the tasks that involve talking and bargaining etc to someone else but I’ll have no one to depend on for this trip. I sure hope I’ll be able to cope with handling everything on my own and still have fun along the way. Can’t wait to work on the itinerary and I’ll share my experiences (and perhaps adventures) when I’m back. Stay tuned!