Linkin Park is all about awesomeness

I risk sounding like a supercrazed obsessed fan but Linkin Park’s performance at The Padang last week was AWESOME! Did I mention that we managed to get the fanzone wristbands? At least our 45-minute wait at the gate under the sun didn’t go to waste. I must say I haven’t done something that crazy in a long time and I’m not sure if I’d have the chance to do it again. I’ve seen Linkin Park twice prior to their performance last week but I’ve never gotten so near the stage before. Yes, I know it isn’t the near-enough-to-see-Chester’s-tonsils kind of near but it was the best spot I’ve ever been at a concert so far.

The energy at the front of the stage was awesome and the experience was so different from watching the concert from afar. It made all the sweat, stuffiness, humidity and sticky bodies of other fellow concert-goers well worth it. Although I have to say I was rather pissed at one particular fat guy who planted himself next to me and sprayed his sweat all over my face at one point. Yes, squishing in the mosh pit isn’t for the faint of heart.

Nevertheless, I had a blast at the concert and here are some pictures and videos I took for your viewing pleasure. Pardon the shaky videos as it was a major challenge for me to hold the camera above my head for more than a minute at one go. You wouldn’t believe the aches and pains I acquired at various parts of the body right after the concert. Perhaps 31-year-olds really aren’t suited for such strenuous activities afterall.

Linkin Park in Singapore
It’s tad small but yes, it’s Linkin Park performing on stage alright.

Chester Bennington
Chester belting out one of their hits, with Phoenix at the back.

Phoenix and Chester
Another picture of Chester and Phoenix, this time with Mike at the keyboards.

Chester and Mike
Chester and Mike in shades – the epitome of awesomeness.

Mr Hahn, Brad and Mike
A shot of Mr Hahn, Brad and Mike. Brad has nice skinny legs, doesn’t he?

Rob and Phoenix
Throughout the gig I was trying to get a decent shot of Rob (behind the drums). This was one of the best. Pathetic, I know.

Here’s another one of Rob before he was shrouded in smoke.

A short footage of LP performing Lying from You. The band was awesome and so were the fans.

The crowd (including a deep-voiced guy) having a blast singing In the End with Mike surfing into the crowd. Everyone just surged forward to go near him, myself included. So near yet so far. Real exciting.

Their last song with Rob’s solo at the drums. More awesomeness. I’m not going to start swooning, I’m not going to start swooning…

To sum it up, they were fantastic as always and I had a great time at the concert with the girls. It was an extremely energy-draining (and eardrums-bursting) three days at the F1 event but I don’t mind doing it again if the line-up is good next year. Well, that’s provided the girls share the same sentiment. What would I do without you girls?

My F1 Grand Prix & Linkin Park weekend

After making their fans in Singapore wait for four long years, Linkin Park is finally back on our shores! Needless to say, I’m going to watch their performance at The Padang later tonight. In fact, I’ll be there real early with my fellow LP fanatics in hopes of getting our hands on the coveted wristbands that would allow us to hustle up close to the stage. Yes, I know I’m going to hit 31 very soon but what the heck, it feels surprisingly good to behave like a 17-year-old fangirl again. It’s fun to do silly things once in a while I suppose.

In any case, I’m so psyched to see LP perform again. Can’t wait.

F1 Singapore Grand Prix Access Passes
The 2011 F1 Singapore Grand Prix 3-day passes – My first F1 experience

Speaking of silly things, I really had fun hanging out with Ling and May over the past two evenings at the Singapore Grand Prix event. There were the Korean acts which left all three of us bewildered on the first night and the supposed-to-be-Shakira-but-turned-out-to-be-Shaggy performance last night. That was such a surreal experience. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d see Shaggy aka Mr Boombastic perform live. For starters, I didn’t know he had so many hits. Anyway, after this F1 experience, I’m so glad that I have the girls to do these “silly” things with. Even though they didn’t know who the acts were, they were still game enough to attend the events. I don’t know, it just makes me feel so lucky to have them as my childhood friends.

Here’s to an awesome Linkin Park performance – the perfect way to end my first F1 weekend.

Kylie live in Singapore

So it’s true! Kylie Minogue will perform in Singapore for the first time on 25 November (yes, on my birthday too!)! Yay!!! See MTV Asia News for more information.

The tickets are a wee bit on the steep side but I don’t mind forking out $150 for it. I wanna go! Any takers?

Anyway, here’s a video of Kylie to wow you.

Ok, that was a pretty bad pun.