My birthday message

I can’t recall who came up with this birthday message thing but for this year, the girls and I have to come up with a short birthday speech about our friendship on our birthdays. As my birthday is drawing near and that I’ll be meeting the girls later this evening for my birthday celebration, I thought I’d be smart and post it up on my blog now.

Those who know me well will know that I don’t have a lot of friends. Ten years ago, I have six close friends. Ten years later, I still have six close friends and they’re the same six people. Other than these six individuals, I don’t know of any other people who I can label as friends. Acquaintances maybe but definitely not friends. I don’t make friends easily, I suppose. Because of that, I’m very thankful that I’ve come to know you girls (Shir, Val and Koreen). Thanks for making my three years at the polytechnic so memorable and for making our MIS years more bearable. I wouldn’t have survived it without you girls. Our silly poly chatting sessions and dreadful project-discussions days are some of the many things that we’ll remember by and joke about even when we’re all old and wrinkly. I’m glad that I have these memories to share with you girls.

We might have some disagreements and misunderstandings amongst us but I always hope that we can be more open towards one another and in turn know one another better. I must also thank you girls for putting up with me all these years and for giving me all the encouragement I need during my lousy days. I really appreciate them, even though I don’t always say it out.

Without you girls, I’d have nobody to complain to. Without you girls, I’d have nobody to disturb when I’m on Skype or MSN. Without you girls, I’d have nobody to travel with. Without you girls, nobody will read my blog. Without you girls, I’d be pretty much a loner. I’d like to thank you girls for the ten years of friendship and I hope there’ll be many, many more years to come.

You girls should be touched that I stayed up so late to write this, especially since I’m still recovering from a cold. Hahaha. Don’t you dare grill me later! Go read it yourself!

Happy birthday, sis!

Today’s my sis’ birthday! Happy birthday to you! Another year older but I shan’t laugh at you because I’m not getting any younger myself. Haha. I’ll turn 27 in three months time and honestly, it isn’t someting to cheer about. Time really does fly.

I met up with the girls for steamboat dinner at Bugis last night and as usual it was fun hanging out with them. After dinner, we went for desserts at a nearby popular cafe which, unsurprisingly, was packed to the brim. After a while, we managed to find a table and sat down to enjoy our desserts. While we were still eating, there was this family of four (could be more but I couldn’t be bothered to find out) hanging around us, obviously waiting for us to vacate our seats. There’s nothing wrong with that but the way they did it was extremely annoying. The mother and two sons stood a little too close for comfort to me and stared at us while we eat. The father hovered on the other side of the table and shot us rude stares, hoping we’d just scoot. Well, we didn’t do that of course. Instead, we proclaimed loudly that we were still hungry and ordered an extra bowl of sesame paste to share among the four of us despite being stuffed to bits. Hahaha! I thought that was mean and hilarious at the same time.

The father was so friggin rude and we happened to find him so offensive that we decided not to let them have the table. If they’d been nice instead of being so pushy, we’d have gladly vacate the seats for them. Some Singaporeans can be so ungracious and rude it’s unbelieveable. Then again, it’s nothing new, agree?

I actually spent my Saturday sleeping. Funnily enough I was just thinking earlier today how I seldom take naps and the next thing I know, I went to nap not long after I had my late lunch. Damn. No wonder I’m getting fat.