A new look for my tweets

I’ve always wanted to make a customised background for my Twitter profile but never got down to it. I’m a procrastinator, remember? The idea came up again the other night and I decided to get it done once and for all. Surprisingly, the process was quite straightforward and it didn’t take me too long to get the background done. Somehow I had the misconception that designing a Twitter background is a complex task. Well, it isn’t. Granted, I didn’t try this layout on all possible screen resolutions but it should look fine on the popular ones.

New look for my tweets
My new look on Twitter.

That means I’ve completed another task for my Day Zero Project. I realised it really isn’t that easy to accomplish all the tasks. As I review my list, I already see a few that are quite impossible to achieve within the next few years. Mainly because those tasks need a certain amount of money and/or level of commitment to achieve. Nevertheless, I’ll try to complete as many tasks as I possibly can.

Ultimately that’s what the project is all about, isn’t it? To make people stick to their plans and see them come to fruition. It would be perfect if I can do that.

A brand new look

After struggling for a few months, I’m finally done with my new layout. I don’t think I’d have the time to work on my website if I had a job. I guess that’s how I spend my time in my current jobless state – I do the things that I enjoy doing but don’t have time for if I’m working. Whenever people ask me if I’m ever bored at home, my answer would be no. At the same time I really don’t know what I’m busy with. I read, I search for jobs online, I watch TV, I dabble with my website and I do some household chores. That’s about all.

It’s amazing how time flies even when one is busy doing nothing.

Sometimes I’d get the urge to try some baking. Yesterday was one of those days. I’ve always wanted to try making a bread and use the box of dry yeast I bought ages ago. It was originally meant for my mum but I found out she’s also a procrastinator herself. So anyway, my initial plan was to make doughnut balls but I decided to bake a bread as well since I already had the ingredients. Not to mention baking a bread is also one of the tasks in my Day Zero Project to-do-list.

I was too lazy to search for a proper recipe so I followed the one printed on the box of the dry yeast, which happened to be for brioche bread. Here are some pictures of my first bread-making experiment.

Waiting for it to rise
The dough was punched out (with gusto) and put aside to rest and rise.

Fifteen minutes later...
Poof! The brioche dough doubled in size fifteen minutes later.

Hot from the oven
Hot from the oven.

Ready to be eaten
Sliced and ready to be eaten.

The brioche turned out pretty good (surprisingly) and I’m happy to announce that I’ve completed one task in my list. One down, a hundred more to go. Some of the tasks are currently in progress and hopefully I’ll be able to accomplish them eventually.

In case you’re wondering what happened to my doughnut balls, they failed spectacularly.

My 101 Things in 1001 Days

Yes, I know I’ve been missing in action again. I was busy doing up my new layout and compiling my list of 101 things to do for my Day Zero Project. The Day Zero Project is also known as the 101 Things to do in 1001 Days project. This is the brainchild of a guy named Michael Green (click on the link above to read more) and the objective of this project is to complete 101 pre-determined tasks in 1001 days. That’s equivalent to about 2.75 years by the way.

Those who know me well would know that I’m not a goal-oriented person at all. I make new year resolutions but I never fulfill them. To sum it up, I suck at setting goals and achieving them. Because of that, I often feel that I’m wasting my life away doing and achieving nothing. I hope that by starting this list, I’d be able to motivate myself and actually complete the 101 tasks, no matter how trivial they may be.

I actually started drafting my list back in January but as you can see, it took me more than eight months to finalise it. It took me ages to come up with 101 tasks so trust me, it’s really not as easy as it seems. After I finally came up with 101 tasks, I had to fine-tune the list to make sure every task is realistic and feasible. Now I’m pleased to say I’m satisfied with my list and I’m ready to start my project. You can view my complete list here.

From today onwards, I’ll track my progress and update as and when I complete a task. If you’re interested (or nosy) enough, feel free to look through my list anytime. You should try it too. It’s a brilliant way to motivate yourself to achieve your personal goals.