Back in the mood

Guess what, I think it’s high time I should come up with a new look for my website! I’m itching to create something and I’ve been looking at loads of Wordpress themes available on the internet for inspiration. Unfortunately, I’m no programming guru and each time I change the layout, I need to take a significant amount of time to get around the complicated codes before I can come up with something decent.

I came up with this theme back in 2007, when I was unemployed and had plenty of time to sit in front of the computer. In my old posts, I talked about how I hated being jobless. It was terrible being broke and feeling useless. Fast forward two years later and I actually miss being jobless. I wish I could take a break and have some time off for myself. I would take up some short courses, say a web design course or maybe even a driving course (yes, just maybe). Heck, I can even pick up rollerblading again. 

Oh yes speaking of which, I need to dig my rollerblades out from their dusty box to check if they have disintegrated due to neglect. I sure hope not.

I digress again. Anyway, I’ll try to find time to fix up the new theme. I think I really need to find something meaningful to do before I hit the big three O. Now that’s a scary thought. I’ll reserve this topic for another time.

Oh shit. I just realised I need to re-install all the fonts and Photoshop brushes because I changed to a new computer. More work to be done before I can start.

This sucks.

One thought on “Back in the mood”

  1. bloody hell, you lamenting about hitting 3-0 when you have more than a year to that day?!

    But trust me, it ain’t too bad actually 🙂

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