A new year already?

I can’t quite believe we’re almost halfway through January and Chinese New Year is less than one month away. I’m panicking because I don’t have time to do spring cleaning! In fact, I don’t even have time to think about Chinese New Year. The past few months had been crazy for me at work and it’s only going to get worse. Much worse.

If I’m lucky, I’d be able to take a breather in April. Yes, you heard me right – April. That’s four bloody more months to go and I really don’t know how to get through this. I don’t know if I’d be able to remain sane and hang on till I get a new job. I’ve never been so bogged down by work before in my life.

Maybe to others I’m just a weak and incompetent employee who’s unable to cope with stress, or someone who flees at the first sight of trouble. Ok, I have to admit there’s a sliver of truth in that statement but I’m seriously sick of my job. I’ve been in this job for only 14 months but things are already getting repetitive. How on earth can someone stay in this job for more than two years? You’re required to do the same projects every single year and there’s no way to delegate the work to someone else because there’re only two people in the department – you and your boss. In this situation, who do you think gets the honour of doing all the dirty jobs?

Well, at least now I know why my predecessor didn’t stay very long in the company either.

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